Where Can I Invest In Startup Companies?

Where Can I Invest In Startup Companies? | Best Way For The Ordinary Person

If you have been following our site you will know that we are big advocates of VC Crowd and have been for more than five years. The best place to start is VC Crowd.

VC Crowd is the equivalent of SuperAngels. Right now there is a new member signup bonus I have talked about that here with all the details.

They are experts in their field and can generally identify startup companies that are set to take off and become successful companies.

Their services are cheap for anyone to get started in angel investing.

Their membership starts at $100 but they also have higher memberships for those that want to get more shares every month.

ABC Act Like Super Angels For Members

We are big fans of single investors like this as the club founders act like super angels for members and get some fantastic deals with the startups.

Then the club gives members shares in those companies by allocating shares every month to the members depending on the level of their membership.

We have recommended the club based on many factors and how easy it is for anyone to get involved and on the quality of the startup company in portfolios.

As you might imagine, finding good companies to invest in can be quite difficult and can be even harder if you have no experience at all.

First Shares In Your Portfolio

By joining the angel club you will have your first shares in your portfolio in less than 24 hours. So each month your portfolio will be increasing in size and also in value.

All you need to do is log in to the website and go to “My Portfolio” and see how things are doing.

Where Can I Invest In Startup Companies

We are big fans of VCCrowd as they are experts in their field, can typically locate companies that have huge potential and invest in the company after all the research is done and they continue to help the company's requirements such as an IPO.

This is another reason why it's fantastic for members.

This last point is the main reason we advocate going to Angels Business Club. If the club can find a company to invest in, they can generally be sure that the company is set to take off and become successful.

Here is a video from the CEO of the club who explains this better for anyone to understand.

“Pump and dump” is what many investors do to find companies to invest in. They buy a stock, watch it run up and then dump it right after.

Where Can I Invest In Startup Companies?Set To Take Off

We believe that when a company is set to take off, most investors will want to own the company as much as possible, which is why we recommend going to Angels Business Club.

Angels are the equivalent of venture capitalists for companies.

When you go to VCCrowd, you are going to have to be patient. Usually, Angels don't like to talk about their investments.

Not with the club, Members get updates every week on anything about the companies in the portfolios.

Weekly Webinars

Members can also attend the weekly webinars on many topics including insights into the companies and Q+A with CEOs of the companies in our portfolios including information and updates.

Once you joined the Angels Business Club you will be treated like a superstar. You're a real investor with real shares in these companies.

So that entitles you to lots of information that's not always public. Often shares holders get sensitive information in regards to many things like new company directors, new CEOs, or signed deals and deals that are in talks and so on.

The professionalism of the club and support of everyone involved is a breath of fresh air

Build An Investment Portfolio

Very Transparent

You will have access to CEOs of the companies in your portfolio or you can ask the Angels Business Club anything.

Angels tend to be tight-lipped about their investments. Instead, Angels Business Club prefers to give members all the latest info as everything is very transparent.

Generally, after confirming one of the startup companies is set to do something or sign a deal, Angels Business Club tends to tell its members about the news. However, Angels are generally bound by the confidentiality that most investors have.

Ordinary-Man In The Street To Get Involved

This is another reason why VC Crowd is so important.

The club’s intent is to provide a way for the ordinary man in the street to get involved in the up-and-coming businesses before they become household names, it gives the little guy a foot on the ladder that’s normally only open to the wealthy few.

Finally, when investing with Angel business club you can use the video library of recorded videos and webinars on many topics and info at any time.

While Angel business club does much research themselves, they are willing to give you advice if you send a support ticket or ask questions at the weekly webinars.

Increase The ROI

If invested correctly Angels can help decrease the risk of investing and increase the ROI of investing. I believe this exactly what the club does for its members.

Build An Investment Portfolio

I believe the club fills an important gap between basic crowdfunding sites and institutional investment companies. It is well worth looking at closely with a view to joining the Club

The reason being is that Angel investing is a lot like buying stocks: You are betting on the future success of a company.

Successes In The Future

Members of the club have some fantastic companies in their portfolios from the biotech, fire safety first of a kind healthy dog food, and sugar-free Skinny Tonic alone there are some amazing companies emerging that are going to be huge successes in the future and likely to generate multiples of earnings for members.

There is no doubt the club will discover a unicorn soon or later.

Here is an image of some of the companies that members get shares every month in

Online Angel Investing


The club provides members with protection in their investments as the Club acts as principal and therefore is able to leverage legal protections with downside and upside provisions


Basically, The Club does all the due diligence and was formed to provide everyone and anyone the opportunity to participate in the ownership and growth of private companies with outstanding potential in a fully managed and transparent environment.

An opportunity normally reserved for very wealthy people using Private equity firms or Venture Capital funds.

Build An Investment Portfolio


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