What Should I Invest $1000 In

What Should I Invest $1000 In? – Brilliant Technology Opportunity Patented

What Should I Invest $1000 In?


“To be a success, you only have to be right once. One single time and you are set for life!”

Mark Cuban, (Net Worth $4.3 Billion)

Discover the breakthrough invention that's set to disrupt the multi-billion global fire fighting industry. This is your chance to secure a stake in this exciting business, right at the start.


If you have ever fancied the idea of being in really early in the next huge success story and potentially make a substantial financial gain by doing that, Then please continue to keep reading.


For the last 5 years, I have been an Angel Investor and getting in really early with exciting start-ups and early-stage companies that have that potential to become huge. I want to shares one of those companies with you today.


This is a revolutionary groundbreaking product. It is a Fire Extinguisher in a simple plastic bottle that is universal.


What Should I Invest $1000 In? - Brilliant Technology Opportunity Patented


Now one of the problems with Fire Extinguishes is that there are lots of different types.


What Should I Invest $1000 In? - Brilliant Technology Opportunity Patented


You have got Foam, Powder, Carbon Dioxide Water, So you never going to know what kind of fire you're going to have if you do have a fire.


So do you have 4 different types of Fire Extinguishers in your house, work, car, school,  Its a nightmare


Well this simple Fire Extinguisher is patented and this is an incredible breakthrough product


What Should I Invest $1000 In? - Brilliant Technology Opportunity Patented


Now we have had some really exciting news about this company. This is going to be retailed by Screwfix


What Should I Invest $1000 In? - Brilliant Technology Opportunity Patented


ScrewFix is the biggest DIY retailer in the UK with over 650 stores and part of the kingfisher group. So this product could also go to Homebase, Halfords, B+Q, Sainsbury's, Castorama, and internationally The marketplace for this is huge. Here are some video clips of the product in action.


Then I'm going to tell you how you can get shares right at the start of this company


It's very simple and very affordable


So as you can see this is a brilliant unique game-changing product from LifeSafe Technologies.


You should be thinking, How can I get shares in this company.


How can I own part of this company, Because it could become massive.


You can not buy these shares on the stock market


Here is how you can get shares today, And this is the only way you can do this


Introducing you to



I have been a member of this club for about 5 years


it's absolutely fantastic


What they do is they go and investigate the best startups to invest in


They do all the hard work and the research and they invest in a business that is early-stage and startup that has the potential to be massive game-changing and disruptors in their chosen industry.


The club itself was founded in July 2015 and has offices in London, Gibraltar, and Sweden So it's not a risky startup.


They now have over 16,000 active members worldwide so it does not matter where you are in the world you can join the club today.


They Are Great At Picking Winners


So far the club has invested in just 18 carefully selected businesses and 3  of those have already floated on the stock market.


Now when you consider it took Facebook 8 years to get to the stock market this really is an impressive track record so far for the VC Crowd.


Why would you want to join the club – What Should I Invest $1000 In?



It's Unique your going to get shares early on in the exciting business that not available elsewhere


Think of this like Dragons Den or Shark Tank in the USA where your the dragon or the shark but this is for everyone



It's also really simple the club does all the hard work all the investigating, you don't need to know anything about investing or have any particular skills.



And it's also incredibly affordable it costs as little as a daily cup of coffee and for that, you'll receive shares every month in business the club has invested in.


And you can sell your shares whenever you want.


Ideally, you want to hold on for that big exit that big take over, or that stock market flotation but you can sell your shares any time you want on the internal shares exchange.


This is another unique feature of the club this stock market is open 24/7 days a week.


so even if it was 4 o'clock in the morning and you decided wanted to raise some cash and sell some of your shares, you can go into the stock exchange there and sell your shares.


As soon as you have done that the cash in your account and you can withdraw that to your chosen bank account wherever that is in the world.


The great thing, when you join you will get shares in 3 to 5 exciting business every month because when you are investing you don't want to have all your eggs in one basket


This is part of the beauty of the club, They will give a diverse
vc crowd


So by joining the club today you will receive shares in LifeSafe Technologies


What Should I Invest $1000 In


LifeSafe Technologies, a young British company, has invented a revolutionary universal fire extinguisher. LifeSafe has recently secured a national supply agreement to Screwfix, the UK's largest DIY retailer. They are now in discussions with other major retailers and will soon be considering international expansion.


But you do need to hurry


Not only that you will receive shares in 4 other exciting start business


What Should I Invest $1000 In
you will get shares in a company called SmartTradeApp this is an award-winning fintech that is a financial technology business. They have signed a huge deal with MasterCard and in the next few months their app will get rolled out across North America could be huge for smart trade app.


What Should I Invest $1000 InYou also get shares in a company called Globalshakers they are a media publisher set up by a former director of Forbes so a hugely experienced and skills.


What Should I Invest $1000 InYou will also get shares in EuroBrands International this is a very fast-growing vaping retail business in Sweden.


What Should I Invest $1000 InAnd finally, you will also get some shares in a company called TES – Total Environmental Solutions they are cleaning waste oil to resell back to the shipping industry a really brilliant technology that's is also good for the planet.


So if you join the club today you will get shares in those companies in these proportions


What Should I Invest $1000 In
What Should I Invest $1000 In?


So if you join just at the basic minimin level


vc crowd
Angel Investing For The People


Starter Member
What Should I Invest $1000 In?, Starter Membership is just £78 you will actually receive all the benefits to the club you will get access to the live webinars, internal share trading, and so on but within 24 hours you will also receive shares worth £76.95 in these 5 exciting businesses. So it's a great way to start So now you know how the answer to What Should I Invest $1000 In, And that's over a year and giving you a diverse portfolio.


Pro Member


But perhaps you want more, perhaps you realize that £78 is no a lot of money it's not a huge number of shares you could come in as a Pro Member at £427 at pro membership your instantly going to be in profit because you'll receive shares at a total value of £448 at today's prices.


Again you might be thinking great I want some more shares in lifrsafe technologies


Premium Member


If you come in today as a premium member that's £865 you will actually receive shares at a total value of £889 so it really is a no-brainer. £865 spend will give you £889 worth of shares.


Now, this is a monthly membership subscription, But you don't have to every month. In fact, you can pause your payments and not pay again for up to 2 years and you will still keep all of your shares you have been giving. But you can change your subscription as well any time you want so you could go back down to £78 if you wanted to.
What Should I Invest $1000 In?


or you can just pause your payments as I said above


So what could these shares be worth


Lifesafe is currently valued at 12 million pounds if you come in as a starter member that means you are going to get £51.35 of shares, And we know their recent news that lifesafe has signed a huge deal with Screwfix over 650 retail outlets plus their online presence. Its the biggest DIY retailer in the UK


Other retailers are going to want to jump on board as well Homebase, Halfords, B+Q, Sainsbury's, Castorama, and so on.


Now if that happens and sales go really well is it possible that lifesafe could become what is called a unicorn business
I certainly think so.


A unicorn is If the company becomes = £1 billion or more Now if it becomes a billion-pound company your £51.35 of shares worth of shares that you received as a starter membership for just your £78 membership.


Would be worth at that point £4.279 and this is just lifesafe (This is not an income projection. Capital At Risk)


But you have shares in 4 other exciting companies too.


So that's really good


Say you wanted to be a pro member and wanted to more shares as a pro member you would get £30.70 of shares in lifesafe


and again if it becomes a unicorn, A £1 billion business your shares would be worth, Your shares at that point would be worth a brilliant £25,892 (This is not an income projection. Capital At Risk).


That is the average annual salary for just the pro membership


But what if you came in at the premium membership this is what lots of people are doing


Coming in as a premium member and getting £646.40 of lifesafe technologies shares today.


Again if lifesafe goes on to be a unicorn business your shares would be worth at that point.


Would be worth £53,883 (This is not an income projection. Capital At Risk)


Now let's just dream a little bit lifesafe technologies have an incredible product and this has got global appeal so is it
possible that lifesafe could actually become a 20 billion company.


What would happen to the value of your shares if that became a reality.


Well your shares, if you become a premium member today, would be worth £1,077,660.
(This is not an income projection. Capital At Risk)


Yes you would have become a millionaire from just an £865 expense to join VC Crowd today.


You need to act today.
There is a limited number of shares available and they are understandably going very fast. This current allocation of shares ends when they are all gone or at the end of March, whichever comes first. So don't delay getting your membership with the club.


Now I'm going to run through frequently asked questions.




Perhaps your saying I don't have the time, skills, or experience


That's precisely why the club was created. Just sign up as a member and they will build a managed portfolio for you.


It's just a set and forget, Just treat it like a savings plan


Do you have to pay every month?


No, membership is set for an automatic subscription but you can stop and start or change membership level anytime. To keep your shares safe you need to pay once every 2 years. you only receive monthly shares when you have paid for that month.


It is worth saying if you want to receive shares every month then you need to keep one of the memberships going for that particular month


Why join the club, why can't I invest direct


Well technically you could but you're going to need at least £100,000 that again is part of the benefit of being a member of the club. The club acts like our super investor


Private equity investments usually require at least £100,000, The Club acts as a super investor on our behalf (think of a Dragon on Dragons Den)


But you might be saying


I want to make my own investment decisions


You Can! As a member, you can buy and sell any shares on any of the business that the club has invested in on the
internal stock exchange, open 24 hours a day.


So it really is the best of both worlds.


Perhaps you don't want to listen to advice from me.


Well now, Let me just finish here with the advice from a self-made.


MarcCuban is an American billionaire entrepreneur, television personality media proprietor, and investor. Marks' net worth is $4.3 billion, making him one of the top 500 richest people in the world.


This is his advice in his book


He says


To be a success you only have to be right once. One single time and your set for life.


Now I have shown you with lifesafe technologies an incredible product its right at the start and this could be a huge success story.


If this becomes a 20 billion pound company you could become a millionaire by being a premium member of the club.


So join the club today and don't miss your chance you only have to be right just once


vc crowdAnd finally, If you find this post after March, Simply join The Club and you will find out what the shares are at the start of every month in the back office as there are things happening every month in the club.



What Should I Invest $1000 In
















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