What Is The Best Angel Investing Website

What Is The Best Angel Investing Website For Beginners?

So you want to know What is the best Angel investing website for beginners, the biggest problem that many first-time investors face is deciding which Angel investing website is the best.

You can simply subscribe to the VC Crowd which will provide you plenty of information. And if you decide to become a full-paying member starting at $100 per month then you will get shares every month added to your portfolio in some fantastic startups. See the example below.

Online Angel Investing

There are 3 levels of membership to choose from, the higher you decide to join at if you become a paying member then that amount is what you get in shares every month. This is how you will be building your portfolio every month and over time it will grow in equity amount and equity value.

See the example below

How Can I Become An Angel Investor With Little Money?

Now in regards to some of the startup companies that members get shares from the first image. Basically, the club acts as a super angel and then will get some fantastic deals with the startups. They will then allocate members' shares every month with the amount depending on membership level.

VCCrowd has only invested in 18 startups in the last 6 years, And they know how to pick winners.

I will give you some info on a few of the startups as also the info is available inside the club

skinnytonicFirstly there is Skinny Tonic, Skinny Drinks Group has created a zero-sugar tonic with a punchy, sugary taste and optimal mouthfeel.“Creating tonics with optimum taste and mouthfeel while keeping sugar off the ingredients list is vital.

Skinny doesn’t expect consumers to have to compromise between flavor and sugar content.

Skinny Tonic has already been an Amazon best seller in the UK. So you can see why Members of the club are very excited about this company.


It is very important that you do not choose an Angel investing website that is a money-losing scam website. There are many sites on the internet that are money-losing scams but there are still some that are legitimate sites.

Next startup I will talk about is Total Environmental Solutions Limited (TES) has developed proprietary technology to treat waste oil and water from shipping and from oil industry operations and to facilitate heavy oil production transportation enhancement.

TES has focused its initial operations in Colombia, where there are multiple opportunities in each of these sectors and there is little or no competition in these potentially high margins and highly technical areas that operate to the TES's high environmental standards.

And finally,

IOS Bio (IOS) – Mature business The Company has successfully launched its Covid 19 human trials in the US and commenced its Ora Flu trials in the UK

Partnership with ImmunityBio

ImmunityBio has now successfully dosed the first three patients in a Phase I trial to test the use of its COVID-19 vaccine as a room-temperature oral vaccine prime (first dose) together with an oral boost (second dose), developed using our proprietary OraPro™ technology. This follows FDA authorization received earlier this month.

This authorization was based on the positive results from the BARDA-sponsored non-human primate study, which showed a potent T-cell and antibody response to ImmunityBio’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate after an oral boost.

The study also showed the oral capsule formulation of the vaccine candidate was effective at room temperature, removing the need for cold chain logistics that we know causes delays in global distribution.

For information join the club and go to each page in the back office there is also weekly update webinars for members to attend.

So as you can see anyone can build your portfolio of diverse private shares in companies that have been through a rigorous selection and due diligence. The club is a safe environment.

To learn more about the club visit below

What Is The Best Angel Investing Website For Beginners?

Big Advantage What Is The Best Angel Investing Website For Beginners?

The big advantage of choosing the VCCrowd (formally Angel Business Club) if you have subscribed to is that you will be provided with updates by the club every week.

VCCrowd also tells you about upcoming stock releases, new updates, new CEO appointments, new angel investments, and many other events that are important to the club members. See the video below.

So it is a good idea to read all the updates provided by the club as it will help you keep up to date with the companies that will be getting shares with as part of your membership.

Further Insight

The Angel business club also gives you further insight into how to view the Angels investment business world. First, you can learn about business and finance through an active portal of webinars and educational resources.

Market Trends

Other Angels make their living by tracking down and watching the patterns that repeat themselves over and over again in the market. They keep a careful record of these recurring market trends and identify the factors that caused the ups and downs of a particular stock.

After some time of meticulous observations, they are able to predict the future movement of the stock and make an investment in the stock just before the stock reaches its extreme.

Angel Analysis

Angel analysis enables the Angel to become extremely rich because of the high probability that the stock will rise in value.

This is because of the recurring patterns that they identify and use to invest in stocks. For instance, if they identify that a particular stock is bound to rise in value then they quickly buy up thousands of shares and re-invest the profits made after some time.

This enables the Angel to become rich in a very short period of time.

High-Risk Investment

The Angels investment business is a high-risk investment business. You must be aware that the Angels have a special intuition that enables them to predict the future. This is where the angel business club will be working on your behalf.

A lot of the other investors are investing huge money, the VCCrowd is picking winners, and they could earn profits in time for members.

The Angel business club, You are joining a community with many services such as business education, networking, access to deals not available elsewhere, and much more.

Rise And Fall In Value

It is important to remember that the only thing that Angels can predict is that a stock will rise and fall in value. They are unable to predict how much a stock will rise or fall in value, as they have no information regarding the future.

As a result, it is very important to always keep your emotions in check and not panic when your stock price drops.

What Is The Best Angel Investing Website For Beginners?Need To Be Patient

No one knows how much your stock price will drop. As a result, you need to be patient and patient until your stock price starts rising again. The key to Angel's Business is discipline.

To get started with Angels Investing you only need to have a small amount of money. VCCrowd requires only $100 to start investing.

It can take from 3 to 8 years for the Angels to start earning money on their investment.

It is a good idea to use stock strategies that you understand and that you believe will make money rather than using stock strategies that you have never seen before.

VCCrowd is a good opportunity for beginners even as it is a very basic investment. VCCrowd can help you to learn about stock investment but it is important to remember, With your membership fee, you receive share entitlements in exciting companies.

What Is The Best Angel Investing Website For Beginners?

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