Get Angel Investor Shares LifeSafe Technologies

Get Angel Investor Shares | LifeSafe Technologies – Increased By 400%

Get Angel Investor Shares | LifeSafe Technologies


The VC Crowd is the ONLY place to get access to Lifesafe Technologies shares.


Value Has Increased By 400% Sofar


Get Angel Investor Shares | LifeSafe Technologies - Increased By 400%

Are you free on Wednesday at 6pm UK time?


Register for free and join us, Exciting times ahead for LifeSafe Technologies and members of the club.


From newly signed major distributors to revenue-boosting contracts worldwide, Neil Smith (CEO LifeSafe Technologies) has a lot to share on the next Spotlight webinar on Wednesday 2nd March at 6 pm.


Do not miss this occasion to hear these updates live and discuss the business with Neil directly.


LifeSafe Technologies has developed a unique, fully certified and accredited natural and environmentally friendly fluid that puts out 5 different fire types, dispensed through a compact, fully recyclable plastic aerosol. In addition, LifeSafe has developed a unique training mobile app allowing its users to be trained and certified regularly.


Watch the demo video below of the product in action



Fire Facts

  • Nearly half of UK households have no fire safety equipment in the kitchen.
  • 20% of people are more worried about fire safety following Grenfell.
  • Nearly 1 in 10 of people in apartments have no fire safety equipment at all.
  • Only 20% of those in apartments have fire doors.
  • 100,000 vehicle fires annually, which is nearly 300 a day, resulting in more than 100 deaths a year in the UK.
  • 76% of people would not know which extinguisher to use in an emergency
  • 70.6% of people would buy a fire extinguisher that puts out 5 fire types for under £20


LifeSafe entered the Club’s portfolio in 2016 at a share price of 0.12p.


The Club advisors and Oracle Corporate Finance have curated and actively managed the investment on behalf of the Club Members.


Active Members will receive free shares this March at a 0.65p share price. That’s 5.5 times its entry value.

angel investing

Get Angel Investor Shares

Be active and remain an active and paying member for the long run and get free shares in LifeSafe, whose value has increased by 400% while being a VC Crowd portfolio company.


This March, all active members will get LifeSafe shares worth 75% of their monthly membership plan.


Plus, after three consecutive membership payments, Members will get an extra bonus of free LifeSafe shares on top of the current loyalty plan. The Club is the ONLY place to get access to Lifesafe Technologies shares.


It could be the last time the Club allocates at this price.


The company’s financial situation is about to materially change.


More to come on the next spotlight webinar on Wednesday 3rd March.


Register Here for free and then click on the calendar in the back office of the club for Wednesday 3rd March and register for the webinar for Big news on LifeSafe technologies



Historically, you would need different types of fire extinguishers for different types of fire (CO2 for electrical fires, foam for flammable liquids, dry powder for metal fires etc). You will not typically find these in the everyday home, and nearly half of UK households do not have any fire safety equipment at all.

This is staggering considering an average of 5 people die every week as a result of home fires according to UK government statistics. Moreover, there are 100,000 vehicle fires annually, leading to an average of more than 100 deaths. This has to change.


To summarize why you should be active now;

  • LifeSafe is about to announce significant contract-wins that will significantly change the company's valuation in the future.
  • Early shareholders have realized a 400% increase in their LifeSafe share value.
  • Active Members will get shares as part of their membership plan + Long term members will get even more.


Business to Business (B2B) targets include:

  • 27m households in UK
  • + 4m Social Housing properties
  • + 800,000 hotel rooms
  • + 550,000 caravans & motorhomes and 80,000 motor boats registered in the UK
  • 25,000 B&B’s
  • 53 UK Fire & Rescue Services focussed on protecting local communities from fire risk
  • A £370 billion UK building & construction market

We hope to have you on the webinar.

Have a nice week,

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