Is Angel Investing Worth It

Is Angel Investing Worth It – Absolutely Yes.

Is Angel Investing Worth It

How to Use the VC Crowd Investment Method

Is angel investing worth it, Angel investing has not only become trendy and highly profitable but also very easy for anyone to get started in growing a portfolio in startups with a very small budget of just $100 per month.

So is it worth it, Absolutely yes!

As I have mentioned before on this site, angel investing is the most targeted, most widely spread out, and also the cheapest investment method that you can choose. If you do it the correct way for having a small budget.

In fact, it's so cheap that you can invest in more than one company. The catch is that the amount of investment you can make is limited. But with The VC Crowd members get shares every month in 3 to 5 startups added to your portfolio every month, so over time these shares increase and can become 1000s of shares in some of the startup companies.

VC Crowd has been successfully investing in fast-growing, privately owned businesses and giving shares to its members. These types of investments (known as Private Equity investments) are normally only accessible to high net worth individuals and venture capital firms.

Is Angel Investing Worth It

Every month the Club issues real shares to its members, enabling ordinary people to get in early in businesses that have the potential to become the next big success story. No special skills or large financial risks are required.

Below is an example.

Is Angel Investing Worth It - Absolutely Yes.

Is Angel Investing Worth It, The club's way of investing really offers such a good deal for members, It all comes down to your decision of the membership level that you join at. Membership starts from around $100/£78 per month.

So you really can get started for a little monthly subscription and there are higher levels for all types of investors ranging from £450 to £850 per month, and whatever level the individual joins the club they will get that back in equity each month minis a small admin fee.

Most successful angel investors choose to invest in a small number of companies and in a couple of industries which are undervalued or “hot” at the moment. This is exactly what VC Crowd does for the members.

For instance, they choose to invest in companies that are in the Internet sector but they might also put in their money in companies that are working on cell phones. It all comes down to how reliable your sourcing is and if you trust your source to get you the best deals.

Of course, you must be cautious as well with your money, the Internet is riddled with scams and phishing and you can easily lose your money.

Again this is why we suggest you join the club as it's a very safe environment and open all your questions, In fact, they have live webinars weekly on my subjects and with CEOs of the companies that we have shares with updating members. so it really is a great place to be.

They have only invested in around 18 companies in the last 5 years, All doing well, to many to put all the info here on them all but we have, MasterCard deal with one, an Amazon bestseller with another, 3 IPOs. Here is a list of some of them below. Is Angel Investing Worth It

So, it's highly advisable to watch past webinar videos and all other great videos with lots of great info inside. Anyone can watch these just register free below and login to find everything in the various tabs.

How do I become a startup investor?
Angel Investing For Anyone To Site Back And Enjoy The Ride

However, you must be aware that the investment will not make you rich overnight as the Internet is littered with scams. But when you invest in the right companies, you can easily make a profit and get rich as a result.

The club acts as a Super Angel Investor, So this way they can get fantastic deals with the startups they decide to take on, Then allocates the shares to the members.

The key to success with angel investing is to choose companies that are working on promising technology or that are already showing good profit figures. These companies are likely to become profitable in the near future and their stock values will rise over time.

Angel investing really is the best method of investing in startups without putting in too much of your money. And it has been a proven investment method that has seen steady success and is considered stable and sensible when done correctly.

Want to find more about the club, please read my other review here


Is Angel Investing Worth It

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