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Investing in Startups For Dummies

Angel investors in most cases high-worth individuals who provide seed capital to startup companies after their families have helped them to get started.

Successful angel investing entrepreneurs normally require a high level of involvement and expertise in the industry or product the startup is involved in.

Unless they have joined an angel investor network like VC Crowd as they do all the work for the members and the angel investors can just sit back and enjoy the ride knowing that their investment portfolio is getting taken care of by professionals. For more info visit the image below. Members can start from $100 per month.

Investing in Startups

Angel investors are able to make investments because of their knowledge of the industry. Angel investors do not have to provide capital upfront, they make the investment when they feel a business is ready for investment. It is a combination of hard work and good instincts.

Angel Investors Are Different From Venture Capitalists When Investing in Startups

Angel investors are different from venture capitalists and private equity investors because they have a lot of control over the companies they are investing in.

They are not looking to simply increase their bottom line numbers but rather are trying to create growth businesses.

There is a huge variety of industries and angels are able to choose from a very large list of companies in these industries.

This is very important because it means they will be able to find a company that will perform well and have an upward possibility, and they will be able to purchase the stock or equity at a good price.

What Is The Pros And Cons Of Investing In Startups

The pros and cons of investing in startups are very obvious. You stand to make money and get a chance to be a millionaire by picking up a hot new company but at the same time, you put your money in a company that is just starting out and could go out of business tomorrow making you lose your money and keep the cash only.

So what is the best way to make money from Investing in Startups?

Penny stocks are the best way to make money for a short term way of investing because you can buy many lots of stocks at a low price that is affordable for a small-time investor.

This is how the very rich have been making their money for years.

However, investing in penny stocks is a tricky process and I was not able to find a method that will guarantee you will make money.

Now there are still ways to make money from investing in startups in these small companies without doing a lot of research.

The first method I found was by picking up the mail. Every month or so I would get a handful of stock recommendations and my first task was to find out which ones had good potential. I was able to average the ratings of the pros and cons of the stock and rate them.

If they had a 4 or 5 plus average, then I would pluck it out of the pile of mail that is my stock research. So this is a quick method that you can implement now.

The next method I was able to implement is buying shares of the cheapest penny stocks. I find the average of the pros and cons of the companies that I am researching and try to find their equivalent shares in the market when investing in startups.

By doing this I do not cost more than $6 or $7 for 1, 2 or 3 shares, and I find that it may take me days to find the right share. And it also allows me to diversify my portfolio.

The final method I was able to implement was to just buy the penny stocks. And I do this every couple of months because the companies change constantly. I find the companies that have the most potential and do not know any different.

And I am able to be invested in the stocks at $6 or $7 with some diversification and the chance of seeing an increase in my stock analysis.

Now I know there are many ways to make money from companies. But these are the best ways that I have found and they are very easy to implement.

The only downside is you have to be a very motivated person who is willing to do some stock research. But I believe that the risk of investing is what makes it exciting.

How Does Investing In Startups Work

How does investing in startups work to make money?

This is a question that many aspiring investors face. Before answering this, we need to understand how investing works. Investing is simple.

When you invest, you are buying part of a business. Now, when you buy a business, you get a part of that business. Now, let us clarify this.

Let us say I buy a 25% stake in a particular company. Now, whenever I want to buy the business, I call up the share market on that given day and buy the amount of that company that I want to have a 25% stake in.

That said, you do not need to worry about how you buy a company. This is what you do after buying a share of a company.

You go to your broker and he says, Buy this company. Now the only thing you have to do now is waiting for your broker to enter the amount of that company you want to buy in the amounts of 50, 100 or 200.

In this process, you will earn your money. But the money you earn will not be your money. Your money is on deposit in your account.

That said, if your broker has a lot of shares in the particular company, the amount of money you earn will not be your money. In this context, you need to know the different types of deposits available in share markets.

There are two types of deposits that a trader has. Firstly, there are market deposits. These are the deposits of shares in the market. The trader buys the shares of a particular company with the aim to make money in the short term. This is done by selling the shares later.

The reason why people sometimes does this is that market deposits are not very expensive. People can buy hundreds of thousands of shares easily.

When you need money for a big expense, you sell the shares. Sometimes, the shares rise in value and sometimes they do not. In this case, you can always buy them in the market. However, market deposits are a good opportunity for a trader as these shares will cost less. These are also good for beginners.

The second type of deposit is a fixed deposit. This is when you have a certain amount of shares you want to have for some long term or short term expenses.

In this case, you need to wait till the money is there for you to have the shares. In case, the shares are not going to increase in value, you can always buy them in fixed deposits.

Now that you know the different types of deposits available in the market, you can think about which one suits you best. You need to know which one is suitable for you as a trader.

Benefits Of Investing In Startups – How to Create a Large Portfolio in the Stock Market

What are the benefits of investing in startups? One benefit is that they can create products and services that have wide potential. It's kind of like trying to choose between a Ferrari and a Lamborghini, but I would rather choose the startup.

A Ferrari might do 100mph, but a Lamborghini might do 500mph.

Many people say that the stock market is the wrong place to invest. I say that is like putting your eggs in one basket. If you do this, your chances of being successful are small. I would rather put my eggs in 4 baskets.

Create a portfolio of 4 to 6 investments, with 3 being the most sensible. By creating a portfolio, you will have diversity. If your portfolio lacks diversity, you are limited in the gains you can achieve, simply by multiplying your money.

But even more importantly, you will be able to achieve more varied investments, which increases your odds of profits.

By diversifying, you will have a better chance of beating the market. Invest in as many markets as you can. Do not limit your portfolio to just the stock market. Have exposure in both the financial markets and the commodities markets.

Do not invest in just one company. Consider acquiring small-cap stocks and mid-cap stocks. Even mid-cap stocks have the potential to grow into large-cap stocks.

If you have money to invest, you are going to have to decide how you are going to spread it out. Do you buy bonds or stocks? There are pros and cons to each choice.

If you purchase government bonds, you are limited to specific return rates. There is also the price of bonds, and taxes you have to pay to the government. You also cannot create a large portfolio of both government bonds and stocks.

You will have to buy them at a time.

If you purchase equities, you can create a large portfolio. You will need to buy at a time, and you will pay a price for them. You also get diversification, with stocks.

Even though investing in the stock market has great returns, there are downsides as well. One thing about the stock market is that you are ultimately exposed to its risk.

Even though they have great growth potential, there are bound to be rapid drops. Know where you are going to put your money before you get there.

Buying Stocks And Equity

Angel investors are not just interested in just buying stocks and equity, they are interested in creating value. When investing in a company they are looking for a business that creates something that could become a valuable commodity one day.

To Make Stock Equity Grow, Investing in startups is something that has potential for growth and the company does not need to necessarily show immediate growth.

Angel investors normally expect 4 to 8 years for a return of investment. The company does not need to have a ton of market share to be successful.

It just needs to be a business that shows potential for growth. If the business grows then the stock rises and the company will show income growth.

When looking for companies to invest in To Make Stock Equity Grow, angels have to be careful because these stocks are not as well known at the early stage and have a while to go before an IPO.

The easy way is to join the VC Crowd and let them pick and do all the due diligence for you while you get shares  in 3 to 5 startup companies every month building up your portfolio

Angels do not want to buy a company that only sells in very small numbers like Etsy. The last thing they want is a company that only sells in very small numbers because it will hurt their earning.

They must look for a company that is not well known, has huge potential and that will make them more money in the long run.

To Make Stock Equity Grow

This means they will prefer companies that are startups and unknown to invest in and a business that has huge potential for the future. When looking at startups, it is important to think of your potential earnings from the stock in the future.

There are companies that show huge earnings potential in the short run, but when looking at their stock they may only grow 0.5% in one year and this means the earnings will drop 50%. These companies are generally the ones I look for when choosing a company to invest in.

Investing in StartupsWhen choosing a company to invest in to make stock equity grow, on the stock market one of the first questions I ask myself is how much money can I make in one year?

This means what if my company shows a growth of 10% in one year and the stock drops 50% in that same time.

How would I feel if my company drops 50% in that time?

I will be too greedy and therefore not a good equity investor.

In addition, if it is a company that is slow growth, it may be a few years before I will earn anything because the stock grows at 1% for the year.

If the stock is growing at 2% then I will be satisfied.

This also means I like companies that slow a lot because we only earn 2% on a slow-growth company, but we will still be happy when 50% earnings are reached.

To make a stock grow we should like companies that are in demand. To make a stock grow we also have to like companies that are in demand over the long term period of time.

To make a stock grow we have to also like companies that are stable. There are companies that have gone down after making huge gains but if the company is still growing then we are happy. Stagnant companies are the ones we are afraid to invest in because they could lose 50% of their earnings.


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