FREE shares, worth up to €300

Free Shares Worth Upto €300 | Democratising The World Of Private Equity

Free Shares For New Club Members

A lot of people have thought to themselves that there must be a better way to make money.

Is there? Well yes, there is but in order to do that you have to start with the basics.


Now anyone can be an Angel Investor and this is the perfect way to get started, If you have ever watched the popular tv shows Dragons Den or Shark Tank if you're in the USA you might have thought I wish I could do that but it's only for the rich, Not anymore.

You Can Be A Dragon Or Shark

You can be a dragon or a shark, you will have the super angels doing all the research and due diligence on the startup companies just by being a member of the VC Crowd. The club allocates members with shares every month the amount depends on their membership level as seen below.

Free Shares And Equity

It started in 2015, and they have invested so far in 20 companies with 3 exits. The Club has 19,000 members across 40 countries, with active memberships, particularly in the UK, France, and Scandinavia.

Free SharesFree Shares

As a new member sign-up bonus, the club gives FREE shares, worth up to €300. You can start to build your portfolio of diverse private shares with this opportunity.

Any new member when signing up will have to pick one of three cards to reveal the signup bonus shares and value.

The offer is open only to new clients who have not had their accounts before and who have opened new accounts.

Pre-IPO Companies

Then the new member will get the shares in private companies in a range of early-stage to Pre-IPO companies for free added to their portfolio.

Then depending on what level they join at, they will also get their normal monthly allocation added to their portfolio within 24 hours.

The price of the shares will be determined by a formula that takes into account the current value of the stock and several market factors.

Private Equity Club

I am inviting you to join the  VC Crowd. I'm have been a member of this exciting Private Equity Club for about 5 years. It has been fantastic and very exciting watching our portfolios grow inequity is really exciting startup companies and the value of the shares increasing.

There are three levels of membership see the image below for details.

Free SharesFor the ones who are just starting or already into private equity, the first step to take is to take a look at the market for private equity in order to find out if the company is worth investing in.

Once you are done with this you have to screen the company you are interested in by doing fundamental and technical analysis.

Technical analysis is the process of finding out the right price to buy a stock. You have to analyze the company's history and analyze its growth record.

Right Management

The next step is to look for the right management. The one thing you have to look for in a management team is that they have the ability to generate money.

The money is generated by their skills in their respective industry. This is where you have to choose the right industry for your investment.

This is just some of what the club does for members and they are very good at what they do, That's, why they have only invested in 20 startup companies in the last six years because they are very picky.

Members Portfolios

Members portfolios are doing really well here is an example of a couple of the portfolio companies and the growth that we have seen

Vulcan, SimplyPayMe, and LifeSave all doing very well


Free Shares And Equity

So how do the competitors stack up to the club, such as Seedrs, Blackstone, AngelList, Fuel Ventures

Free Shares And Equity

So now not only anyone can join the club and get the signup bonus free shares, The portfolio is managed and that is key and membership is starting at only £81 per month.

Regulated Company By The FCA

How Does The Club Accesses The Best Investment Deals You've Never Heard Of. The club is advised by the following advisers starting with Capital Plus Partners which is a regulated company by the FCA. They advise the club in all its investments. Free Shares And Equity

Wealth Of Experience

Where do they find these companies that the club wants to invest in, The club has partner companies the have lots of companies that they work with and withing capital plus they have a wealth of experience in various different industries and business.

Free Shares And Equity

The club gives members great equity every month and that includes your free shares bonus as new signup.

Here is a video from the clubs CEO about how it works

Here is a snapshot of how the startup journey will go and the structure of the journey to the club. as you can see it's all very structured.

Here is The Journey Of Investee Company

Free Shares And Equity

KYC Checking And Referencing

The due diligence process is absolutely key to the VC Crowd finding companies with outstanding potential because there are many facets involved in a company. There are people, so they will do a lot of KYC checking and referencing of the people.

The club dives deep and does a lot of research on everyone and everything, their ability, experience, expertise, and their ability to cope in challenging times. They will look for different characteristics.

Free Shares And Equity

Due Diligence Process

So members can always feel they are in a safe environment with the club and know all the right due diligence process is being done and all the fact-checking is done.

Always Fact-Checked

So you know anything the club tells members is always fact-checked. so not fake news or made-up stuff and they are very diligent about facts in the business in the portfolios of members.

The image above just gives an idea of how much work is done by the club before they decide to take it to the next level and think about investing and allocating members' shares in the companies.

I could go a lot deeper on this information but will leave at that for now as there is a lot more checking done on this but all this info is inside the member's area.

Start Angel Investing And Get Your Free Shares And Equity Bonus

It really is a great club if you want to start angel investing by simply just paying your monthly subscription you will be getting some wonderful shares in some top-notch companies and as I said at the start right now new members will get a free shares signup bonus its a really great incentive to get you started.

To find out more about the club visit the link below

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