Become An Angel Investor With A Safe Investments

Become An Angel Investor | Learn How To Be One Today

Become An Angel Investor In A Safe Investment

Become An Angel Investor. Get equity and shares today with VC Crowd's in startup opportunities at the pre-IPO stage.

Let them build your portfolio of diverse private shares in companies that have been through a rigorous selection and due diligence.

Join in VC Crowds next success story. Build Your Portfolio in Cutting-Edge Opportunities. Get Shares added to your portfolio every month.

Become An Angel Investor

VC Crowds is the most trusted names when it comes to getting started in Pre-IPO and IPO investments.

Insights, Strategies, And Tips

Every year the club provides the members with the right insights, strategies, and tips for making profitable trades.

A lot of the VC Crowds' investors are new to the investment world and are attracted to the network after the success they have proactively created for our members.

This is where they give you the first step of instruction on how you can get started on these lucrative opportunities.

Pre-IPO And IPO Investments

Once you have gained confidence in their ability of the club to build a fantastic portfolio for you with pre-IPO and IPO investments. VC Crowds provides comprehensive training that will equip you with in-depth knowledge about investing and the investment process.

Here is an example of what the VC Crowd does for its members with the different stages of investment the members will be getting monthly equity and shares in.


PRE-IPO is for companies that have committed to and commenced the work necessary to list a company on a stock exchange.


In PRIME you find established Companies that can demonstrate clear strategies for growth. Some are revenue-generating and the game is more about acceleration than stability.


ENGAGE is a segment for early-stage companies that have already been through their seed round


In this segment, you find selected new business ventures. Great ideas aspiring to become established profitable companies – the next big thing!

Special Situations

In this segment we will make available participation in out-of-the-ordinary catalyst orientated investment opportunities and business ventures.

Portfolio Of Diverse Private Shares

Become An Angel Investor, VC Crowds is where you can get the opportunity to build your portfolio of diverse private shares in the most innovative companies that are ready to explode!

In order for a venture to succeed in the equity market, it needs to be well-thought-out in terms of strategy, business plan, prospectus, market analysis, etc. and needs to present a winning business model. The is exactly what the club does for the members.

Platform For Professionals Or Beginner

VC Crowd is a great online platform for professionals or beginner angel investors for building an Angel Investor's portfolio.

It does the diligence regarding the market fit, the financial viability of the company, and so on. Once it fulfills the minimum criteria, the venture can then go on to the second phase i.e. due diligence. This helps in finding the undervalued companies that are likely to perform or gain value in the near future.

Become An Angel Investor With A Safe Investments

The venture that is found to be a sure-fire winner will be added to the VC Crowds' (ABC) members Investor's portfolio. And this benefit alone is substantial.

Increase In Your Portfolio

A few hundred shares of a company that is likely to grow in the near future will equate to an increase in the portfolio. The increase in the portfolio is further multiplied by the fact that the club gets the shares' equity at a cheaper price for members.

The company's rating on ABC is the result of a long negotiation between ABC and the startup. The companies are independently valuated and ABC and its advisers agree on a fair final valuation of the company with a view to invest in it.

What Is The Overall Strategy Being Applied?

ABC, due to its proximity to London's business community, receives more than 300 business cases per year.

In addition to traditional due diligence procedures, ABC uses 3 criteria to identify the pearls of tomorrow for its members:

  • – Does the company have a product or a service that it can sell at a profit right now?
  • – Can the margins of such product/service be improved?
  • – Can this product/service transform the industry it operates in in the short to medium term?
  • – These are the first criteria that ensure an average return of 20%.

In the last 5 years the ABC has only invested in around 14 startup companies, So members have a very exciting portfolio with 3 already IPO on the stock market.

Done By Professionals

In order to have a safe investment, the investor needs to be well-informed. With the aid of VC Crowd now, this task can be done by professionals. This makes this membership at the club a safe investment and saves a lot of time and trouble.

Become An Angel Investor

Become An Angel Investor, Along with the comprehensive educational program you will also get the right insights, strategies and tips to enhance your ability to learn successfully and members can join the weekly webinars to learn more or ask questions.

World-Class Coaches

The training program is taught by world-class coaches who have vast experience in the investment process and have contributed on AMEX market.

Members can also get weekly updates on the latest news on the companies' startups in your portfolio.

VC Crowd Nominee Structure

VC Crowd Secondary Market operates as a bulletin board that enables members to express an interest to sell or buy shares held under the VC Crowd Nominee Structure during a Trading Cycle.

So if members would like to get more shares or equity in the companies they have in their portfolio over and above their monthly membership allocations. This is a great option to get more shares in some exciting startups in members portfolios

Strategies And Tutorials

Become An Angel Investor, VC Crowd provides a wealth of information about the market along with strategies and Tutorials.

ABC also has Exclusive offers from the client companies to members of VC Crowd within the back office

To find out more about the VC Crowd Visit This Link VC Crowd


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Become An Angel Investor

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