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Angel Investors Website – Invests In Startup Opportunities At The Pre-IPO Stage

Angel Investors Website

Angel investors website, VC Crowd invests in startup opportunities at the pre-IPO stage, the club will, research, do their due diligence, and only then will they invest in the startups.

VCCrowd is able to bring in more pre-IPO's for the members to receive shares every month as part of their membership. So far the club has only invested in 18 startups in 5 years.

Angel Investors Website

What Angel Investors club do is analyze the risk factor of startups, check the market interest, review the business plan, as well as the background of the startup. Once they are convinced about the risk factor, they make a decision to invest or not to invest.

Angel Investors can also act on investments after the startup achieves success. This can be after reaching IPO or after reaching the exit stage of the pre-IPO stage of a startup. Angel investors are much more powerful and have better exit opportunities.

Angel Investors Website Strong Management

Some of the factors that help companies to present an excellent growth rate include strong management, better asset management, good revenues, good profits, good assets, good financial statements, good growth prospects, good potential growth, etc. The financial report, by the way, should be looking forward to by the company. This is another very important factor in presenting an excellent growth rate for the company.

Angel Investors Website - Invests In Startup Opportunities At The Pre-IPO Stage

Club members get instant access to the startups via the Platform. This platform provides real-time updates to investors about the startups. The platform also provides newsletters, blogs, articles, videos, news, and meetings to the investors. Angel Investors have the pre-set goals and targets that need to be reached before the exits.

Monthly Portfolios Growth

Members get shares in some fantastic companies and they have already had 3 launches on the stock market and, many more on track to do so also. Members are all very excited about what shares they have in their portfolios.

Angel business club gives members ongoing updates on the progress of the startups via the website, weekly webinars, and email. This website is managed by the club who are on the lookout to provide the best market insights and updates to the startups for members.

Every month the Club issues real shares to its members, enabling everyday ordinary people like us to get in early in businesses that have the huge potential to become the next big success story. No special skills or large financial risks are required to get started.

Here is a list of the companies they have invested in so far.

Angel Investors Website

All new members will get FREE BONUS SHARES in the companies in the above image, Here is how to do that

Create a FREE account with the VC Crowd today and receive bonus shares worth up to €300 (£250)

Angel investors website, VC Crowd, allows you to join and be part of the inner circle of startups. Members receive equity every month in pre-IPO opportunities as part of the membership, members also get all the latest info and updates, from the CEOs of the startups with weekly club webinars.

You will be able to learn a lot about their success stories on the webinars and hear about how they are doing in the growth of the business to date. Everything is all very transparent with the club.

This helps you to get an idea of how they are performing and growing at this stage of the pre-IPO phase.

The advantages of joining the angel investors club are that you will be building a great equity portfolio in a safe environment.

Members are able to check their portfolio and see how much money they raised, with the possibility of raising more. Your portfolio will contain a wide range of assets in private investments from the companies and any new investments the club makes in the future.

Every month members get shares every month in 3 and 5 startups. The quantity depends on the membership level of the individual joins at. The club is committed to providing you with the essential information to make you feel safe when building your portfolio.

Angel Investors Website

An Independent Broker

All of your share entitlements are held by an independent broker based in London.

You have therefore the security. Club members can cancel or pause their subscription at any time, free of charge and without any disadvantages.

Of course, you keep the entitlements/shares you have already received.

Last month one of the companies club members got shares of was ( FireScape) LifeSafe Technologies, which had been chosen by the Club as “Company of the month” and is a fast-growing young British company with a revolutionary designed universal fire extinguisher.

The global fire extinguisher market is worth £multi-billions.

LifeSafe has recently announced a supply deal with Screwfix, the UK's largest DIY retailer.  

Screwfix operates over 650 stores and is part of Kingfisher PLC which also contains B&Q and some other large retailers. Visit the LifeSafe website here


StaySafe puts out 5 different types of fire: electrical, cooking oil, textiles, petrol/diesel, and paper/card. It's ideal for wherever a fire might start, and it's perfect for the DIY'er or tradesperson, providing peace of mind while they work. So you can see the potential for its product to be huge worldwide.

This is just one of the smart investments the club has made, There are many more.


With the very unique way the club operates it is now possible for anyone to drip feed a small amount into building a fantastic portfolio of growing businesses, personally, I have grown a substantial portfolio and still growing every month.

To become a member of the VC Crowd, all you need is about $100/£79 per month In order to join the club.

Angel Investors Website VC Crowd

The main advantage of being a member of the angel investors club is that you have access to a library of videos and an active portal of webinars and educational resources with lots of education.

angel investors website
VC Crowd – The investing club for beginners

You have an active portal of webinars and educational resources exciting company shares and equity every month in startups and post IPO companies, investor feedback, company news, investor updates, and other private information.

You are joining a community with many services such as business education, networking, access to deals not available elsewhere, and much more.

As a member of the angel investors club, you will receive one email a week with the latest news. In addition, you are able to participate in the Angel Investors Club's annual long weekend holiday and info trip for members.

Shareholder Equity Value

Angel investors website, Looking at some companies that have shown success, I have found that these companies have done a good job of increasing shareholder equity value, they have shown evidence of having able to do what is asked of them.

In addition, they have used the money they raised to grow the business and deliver on their plans. Some use the proceeds to grow the business and create more value for the shareholders which is great for the club members.

The best thing an investor can do is to watch for the signs of a growing business. As an investor, I would want to know if the business was making money, how much revenue they were generating, how quickly they were growing revenue, how much cash they were generating.

By watching these numbers I can know if the business is on track, if they are on track for their targets, and if they are on pace for their liquidity needs.

Growth Potential

In addition, when I watch the value of the company and calculate what it should be worth based on its past performance, I can see the growth potential of the business. By taking a look at a business' operating profit, gross profit, and net profit, I can determine what the business is producing, how efficient it is, and how efficiently it is producing that product.

When I see growth in operating profit, gross profit, and net profit, I can determine if this company is on the right track, or if it should accelerate its growth and take advantage of the opportunity. So I can see that the club is doing a fantastic job with the startups.

Investment And Development Angel investors website

Finally, the management should also look forward to by the company for investment and development.

This is a great advantage that the company can achieve by having a well-organized and led management. To achieve this, the company needs experienced managers and also give them proper structure in order to achieve this goal. This is another important factor that helps a company to present an excellent growth rate for the company.

There are many other factors that help a company to present an excellent growth rate for the company. I will look at many more of such factors in future articles about the club's Angel investors website.

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Angel Investors Website - FREE BONUS SHARES

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