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You can get started with just $100/£79 with “VC Crowd“. The club is open to everyone and anyone who can start with $100 to invest and has never invested before.

It is a simple investment club and a simple set of guidelines for participation for anyone.

Angel Investors - How To Get Started As NewbieWhat Types Of Businesses Do You Invest In

VC Crowd invests in startups and small businesses. But, have a huge potential and can be destructive in their industry.

There is no skills or knowledge requirement needed Because the club does all the work for the members and then allocates the equity to members every month and the quantity is depending on their membership level, It really is a great system and members can upgrade or downgrade membership level anytime.

This is particularly handy if you see that month's shares in one of the startups that you really like then you can upgrade to get the higher allocation of shares. Then maybe downgrade for the following month.

It's really very flexible. There is also the option to go into the trading section where members can sell or buy more shares from each other in the companies we have in our portfolios.

How Long Does It Take to Get Started – Angel Investors?

The process is easy, After joining you will then need to Upload KYC, This is the mandatory process of identifying and verifying the client's identity when opening an account. If you have never heard of this before it's a significant element in the fight against financial crime and money laundering, and customer identification is the most critical aspect as it is the first step to better perform in the other stages of the process. Basically, it's the law. Everything is very transparent by the club.

What Types Of Results Can You Expect?

As a result of being Angel Investors in the VC Crowd, I receive shares every month in some remarkable startups I have made investments in the various phases of the business cycle. This is optional as sometimes the club gets special deals for members to buy extra shares in the startups in our portfolios before the company goes public going for an IPO As the companies grew, the value of the investment increased as well.

What are the rules and guidelines for being accepted in the VC Crowd? Members must have a bank account. And send documents for your KYC.

What Do I Do Once I Am Accepted?

Join the chat group with other new Angel Investors, watch the past webinar videos and other info videos in the back-office about the club and the companies in our portfolios, and go to the weekly webinars of if you can't attend they are always recorded and added to the back office as there are members from all around the world.

Angel Investing

What Do I Do If I Have Questions?

Send your questions to the VC Crowd or ask members in a chat group.

If you are looking to invest in small businesses, the VC Crowd may be the club for you.

What Is The Best Strategy For A Beginner Investor

VC Crowd is a group of people that meet regularly to invest in companies based upon their investment criteria. VC Crowd may invest in companies that meet their criteria. Once the VC Crowd approves your company, it can begin operations. This may take several months or longer, or it may begin sooner.

VC Crowd is led by a “Dominic Berger, VC Crowd Adviser and Founder,”, who guides the company through the growth phase. VC Crowd is made up of other members that sign up and help new companies to grow based upon the criteria of the VC Crowd. All details are found inside. Below is a video by Dominic Berger.

Learn How To Invest For First Time Investors

If the VC Crowd is looking to invest in small companies they do all the research and due diligence and then members get allocations in those starts in monthly locations, There is a lot more transparency on this inside with all the details on how they do it in the video section. The club believes that private equity should be accessible to everyone. And they have made it possible.

To join the private VC Crowd Visit Here for more information visit the links below

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