Angel Investor Equity Portfolio In 24 Hours

Angel Investor Equity Portfolio Or Private Equity Portfolio

Angel Investor Equity Portfolio

An Angel Investor Portfolio In 24 Hours

How to Start An Angel Investor Portfolio Today

Above all, You want to know how to start building an angel investor portfolio in under 24 hours and with no skills or maybe you want to find out more about angel investors.

Angel investors to clarify are also sometimes referred to as
  • Business Angels
  • Capital Angel
  • Seed Investors
  • Private Investors
Equity Portfolio Definition

Here is an introduction to the world of Angel Investment. Everything that you need to know as a beginner and how you can start building a portfolio in under 24 hours with all the due diligence to developing a personal investment strategy done for you.

This is for Professionals or Beginners.

Unique Membership Club In The World Of Private Equity.

Angel Investor Equity Portfolio

Firstly a little about VC Crowd and why it was founded and what their aims are,

How it works and some of the key reasons why this is just such a unique membership club in the world of private equity. What is the rationale and what is the philosophy of the club, Its very simple,

They want everybody to have the opportunity to be able to participate in profit from the growth of private companies this is an area of business dominated by the big private equity houses the venture capital funds and normally is incredibly difficult to access for the everyday investor.

Beginners Guide to Angel Investing

The club was formed to provide the unique opportunity for anybody to be able to share and participate in the growth of what we believe could be outstanding private companies simple as that you pay a membership fee and in return, you are allocated free shares in 3 to 5 start-up companies every month these are companies that the club has invested in companies that we believe have outstanding potential much like private equity and venture capital.

The benefit of being a member of the VC Crowd is that once you have those shares allocated to you they are fully managed by the club there is a full oversight program that the club runs to ensure that those companies that have been invested by the club our growing are managed are being developed or being actively developed

The Key Ingredient To The success

The key ingredient to the success and profit from private company investment is an active oversight regime, It is something you do not get in areas like crowdfunding and this is absolutely unique about this club, Normally to access private equity or venture capital one needs huge funds.

Watch The Video Below from VC Crowd CEO Dominic Berger to learn more

Angel Investing: Making Money and Having Fun Investing in Startups

The most successful angel investment portfolios

The most successful angel investment portfolios are investments in multiple Startups, which in turn allocate funds across diverse founders with the world turning to more inclusion. Now is the time for diverse founders, who are looking for funding, to take advantage. Large angel investment groups, such as VC Crowd, have invested in around twelve start-up companies in the past five years.

Diverse Founders, Can Have Significant ROI

New and traditional angel investing groups are now on the hunt to expand their portfolios across various sectors by supporting opportunities, amongst diverse founders, which can have significant ROI. The research was done at Willamette University that was commissioned by The Angel Capital Association ( ACA ), which included two separate studies conducted across a decade, demonstrates that an angel portfolio of 20 fully vetted deals has the strongest probability of optimal return.

Equity Entitlements

This is exactly what the club does by allocating shares from multiple start-up companies to its members every month at different membership levels and in turn, members start to build their equity entitlements and members can check those equity entitlements anytime all from their account and of each of the companies a full information page with the following info can be seen.

  • Introduction
  • ManagementMarket
  • Products/Services
  • Milestones
  • Key Data

There is also  a section for members to find out at what stage the companies are at in their growth here it is in more details

PRE-IPO is for Companies that have committed to and commenced the work necessary to list a company on a stock exchange.

In PRIME you find established Companies that can demonstrate clear strategies for growth. Some are revenue-generating and the game is more about acceleration than stability.

In ENGAGE is a segment for early-stage companies that have already been through their seed round

In IGNITE you find selected new business ventures. Great ideas aspiring to become established profitable companies – the next big thing!

In SPECIAL SITUATIONS we will make available participation in out-of-the-ordinary catalyst orientated investment opportunities and business ventures.

Angel Investing Is Changing

Angel InvestingVC Crowd continues to lead by example, for 5 consecutive years, in early-stage investments

VC Crowd ensure that the members have access to well-vetted, high-quality deal flow, and that means portfolio diversity,” says Dominic Berger,

14,000 Member From Around The World

The club's CEO. VC Crowd is a global angel investor network with more than 14,000 members from around the world.

An Entrepreneur That Brings His Wealth of Experience

Dominic has extensive experience in developing, building, and leading global digital media companies. An entrepreneur that brings his wealth of experience in developing and financing high growth potential businesses.

Dominic has also been instrumental in the listing of a variety of businesses on Global stock markets

National Film and Television School (NFTS)

Dominic began his career in media in the Film Industry as an assistant director. In 1994 he was awarded the Colombia Studios scholarship to the National Film and Television School (NFTS).

On leaving the NFTS he went on to successfully produce a number of feature films and adverts, finally selling his production company to the K Media Group Limited.

Find out more about Dominic on the club website.

The Face Of The Angel Investor

How is the traditional face of angel investing starting to change?

For one, more women are entering the industry as Founders and Funders; 22% of investors are now women, with that number continuing to increase. These female funded start-ups are proving to be just as successful, Women investors are expanding the investment industry and opportunities for female entrepreneurs looking to build a start-up company.

The data indicates in 2018 women angels represented 29.5% of the angel market, an increase from 2017 (19.5%) as researched by Jeffrey Sohl, From the University of New Hampshire. All you need to do is watch TVs Dragons Den or Now Shark Tank in the USA and you see that dragons or sharks are about 50/50.

Get Angel Investor Shares Overview

Learn More VC Crowd

Angel Investor Equity Portfolio

The Angel Market in 2021

There is more Angels Investing in more deals at lower valuations, Center for Venture Research. Another recent study by Women's Business Enterprise National Council shows that, in 2018, women of color accounted for 47% of all women-owned businesses, employing 2.2 million people, and generated $386.6 billion in revenues.

Businesses owned by women of color grew by 163% between 2007 and 2018. Social Capital Markets ( SOCAP ) is another organization pushing forward diversity.

Entrepreneurs And Angel Investors

As the angel investment community expands, entrepreneurs and angel investors in more diverse startups and minorities will see growing opportunities while delivering a bigger success rate for investors, which is a net-net positive for anyone building a company (higher returns will mean more accessibility to money).

With all of these changes coming to angel investing, not only will the face of investors change but also the face of the diverse founders running the companies.

The good thing about the evolution and expansion is that investors are able to support minority founders and a broader range of angel investors can find a way to meet diverse investment needs. And, with angel investors focusing more on diversity, we will see an influx of innovation.

Strategies to Leverage Private Equity 

Finding the right investor and pitching your business will still be a difficult and sometimes scary process, But this is where the VC Crowd comes does all the work and due diligence for its members with their wealth of experience, Especially during the Coronavirus pandemic, but with so many investors and groups out there looking for your start-up, the hardest part may just be finding the right investor.

Thanks to the diverse outlook investors are now seeking, all founders have a greater chance of succeeding and finding investors to help launch their start-up.

Portfolios That Are Growing Really Well

The team at VC Crowd has only invested in 12 or 13 startups in the last 5 years and they have some great companies in members' portfolios that are growing really well and one even having an amazon best sellers with Skinny Tonic and that's just the start.Angel-Investing-City

Skinny Tonic is really going places, is now available at Amazon, Home Bargains, Poundland, Booths, B&M, and soon across Lidls (in the UK).

They are also very hopeful of signing a deal with another one of the UK's biggest supermarkets. This is a small privately-owned start-up company, but you can still get shares by being a member of the VC Crowd

The thrill of investing has become very real and desirable to many people.

Through the influence of shows like Dragons Den and Shark Tank and the newfound popularity of investing, Many people think that they can become investors.

Average Person Can Become An Angel Investor

The truth is, the average person can become an Angel Investor. But, investing in a business is not just a fun hobby, it is a significant decision and often a lifestyle choice.

As with any angel investing and entrepreneurial activity, there are a few traits and financial requirements that a person must have to successfully be alone Angel Investor.

Become An Angel Investor

While anyone with the means to invest could become an Angel Investor, not everyone has the experience, qualities, and drive required for success.

This is also how VC Crowd makes it easy to become an angel investor with no skills at all and just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Active (paying) members of VC Crowd receive shares every month in great startups and young businesses. The Club carefully filters and selects the businesses to invest in that it believes have massive and fast growth potential.

Minimum Of 20% Growth Per Year

The Club aims to give members a minimum of 20% growth per year, but the value of your shares increase much higher (or fall) lower depending on how well each of the businesses performs over time. So far, the track record of the Club is very impressive.

Crowdfunding or Investment Opportunity

Another thing that stands out is VC Crowd offers a unique opportunity unlike any other crowdfunding or investment opportunity. The Club is one of the largest and fastest-growing angel investor communities in the world.

The amount of learning that needs to be covered in teaching yourself the basics of early-stage investing is extensive.

Return On Your Investments

It begins with topics such as finding great investments, performing due diligence, and building an investment portfolio. Then it progresses into more complex topics, including understanding term sheets, establishing fair valuations, and getting a solid return on your investments.

Getting Shares in Startups

Again this is where the angel business club excels and members are building a portfolio getting shares in startups every month while learning the above and can just let the club do all the work for you or you can get really involved with the weekly webinars on many topics,

  • Welcome Webinars
  • Spotlight Webinars
  • Insight Webinars
  • Hot Seat Webinars
  • Quarterly Portfolio Update Webinars
  • Extra Webinars
  • Portfolio Companies CEO update webinars

These help members understand more and with an extensive library in the back office for members to watch any time they have time and a 3 monthly update webinar on all shares performance from club CEO and CEO of the companies of the club has invested in, Which is always very exciting.

Funding After The Initial Capital Raised By The Founders

Angels usually invest at the early stages of a company.

This could be when the business is nothing more than an idea, or when the company is in the early stages of selling its product or service. At this stage, it’s unusual for the startup to have many customers or much revenue.

They might have beta customers, early adopters, or some interest in the market. Angels are generally the first investors to get involved in a company’s funding after the initial capital raised by the founders.

Their money is crucial in the growth of a company during the stage where the capital provided by founders has been spent, but larger institutional VCs (Venture Capital) aren’t interested in investing.

Crowdfunding Opportunities

There is also the option for new investors can participate in crowdfunding opportunities, which often start at an even lower price than angel investment opportunities. These can be a great way to get your feet wet in the angel investing world, while you wait for time to pass so you can meet the accreditation status.

Some of these opportunities come at a price, as low as $5,000 so they can help you figure out investing without putting up a whole lot of money at once and doing all the due diligence process.

Many consider angel investing to be exclusive to the hyper-elite. For a long time, this was the status quo. If you didn't have anywhere from $50,000 to $1 million in spare cash, angel investing just wasn't an option but now this is not the case with ABC getting many members from all walks of like and they're building up a nice portfolio starting at £80, $100, or 89 Euro per month and going up to £980 per month so there is a level for anyone to join the club.

The Door Opened For Anyone To Start Angel Investing

Entrepreneurs Network VC Crowd is basically angel investing for dummies.

The door opened for anyone to start angel investing. But many weren't aware of the change or just how lucrative an opportunity angel investing could be. Nor did they know what it was or where to start. Just imagine if you were one of the original 22 angel investors in Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN ).

If any of those investors held onto their shares from the mid-1990s to now, they'd be worth upwards of $8.5 billion. In fact, Just like we said above you can start being an angel investor with as little as $100 with the angel business club. That's right for as little as $100. You read that right.

If you have $100 to spare, you can be an angel investor. And once you've been reading and watching videos and join the chat groups with VC Crowd, you'll have all the tools to take advantage of one of the most lucrative investment opportunities out there.

Another significant contribution of investing alongside leading angels in the ABC club with extensive experience in the industry is the fact that they’ve already performed their due diligence on the company in question. If they decide to invest in it, it is safe to assume that the company is fundable, and all the legal matters are in place.

Company Acquisition or IPO

 The most important difference is that investing in start-ups entails a greater risk of losing the entire investment. None the less, in an Exit event (company acquisition or IPO), such an investment can provide unprecedented returns.

Upon choosing to invest in a start-up company, there are a few critical steps one can take to mitigate the risk involved. Diversified investment portfolio assuming that the average investor does not have infinite capital, there is a clear advantage for splitting the capital among several start-up companies. This is exactly what the club does.

Choose The Companies Carefully

This course of action will help disperse the risk and increase the chances of an Exit event, which will further atone for potential losses in the investment portfolio. VC Crowd Chooses the companies carefully for its members because there are many factors beyond the company’s ability to execute which influence the likelihood of success.

Market forces and pure luck also play a role. Always remember that when dealing with long-term investments (investment horizon of 3-8 years for an Exit event), patience is key

One of the most important things to understand when beginning with angel investing is that there are many options out there for support, guidance, and assistance.

For those looking to start with angel investing for the first time, the angel business club, which offer mentorship, networking opportunities, and invaluable experience and insight, all to help set you down the right path while minimizing some potential risks. 

It's a tiny risk with massive upside potential for a monthly fee per month, and whatever level members join at its all converted to shares for members, and only a small $10 monthly admin fee comes off of that.

Today, The Environment Is More Competitive Than Ever Before

Angel investors are not all homogeneous groups. Some angels are part of angel investing groups while some act on their own. Many are quite knowledgeable about investing in private companies and others fly by the seat of their pants.

Some angels don't just want to invest in a company, they want to be deeply involved in the daily operations. Others don't want to play any role in the company other than watching their investments grow this is exactly why the ABC is great for all walks of life, get really involved with all the weekly webinars and chat groups or just watch your portfolio grow.

The UK Business Angel Association has found that angel investors are starting to invest at a lower age than before. A large portion of angel investors is beginning to make their first investments under the age of 45.

Build a Portfolio Of Ten Investments

Rather than putting $100K into each of two investments, put $25K into eight companies. You don’t want all of your eggs in one or two baskets. Ideally, you have enough capital to build a portfolio of ten investments or more. With ABC your will shares in 3 to 4 companies per month. All you need is one big win out of that portfolio to make ROI overall.

It's not easy for a small business to grow, even if they can make a highly-profitable product or provide an in-demand niche service.  For example, when a product is manufactured profitably and demand rapidly increases, the existing production equipment often times limits the companies ability to expand. 

An immediate infusion of capital dollars is needed to increase manufacturing output to meet market demand. Traditional financial institutions often shy away from the risk associated with loaning small businesses' money.

That's why these angel investors and entrepreneurs often borrow from friends or family members, which is sufficient to fill a need if less than $100,000 is required.

Celebrity Angel Investors

There’s a pervasive idea that angel investing is an exclusive club whose members are also members of the super-rich.

In part that’s because of ‘celebrity’ angel investors such as Lance Armstrong, Justin Bieber or Peter Thiel. In part, it’s because Angel investing comes with risk and very rich people are better placed to bear that risk. This gives the wrong impression of Angel investors.

Investment In Startup And Early-Stage Businesses Seeking Equity

In the United Kingdom, there are around 18,000 active Angel investors. According to the UK Business Angels Association. Angel investing is the most significant source of investment in startup and early-stage businesses seeking equity. The amount invested annually by the angel investor, which comes to £1.5bn. Three times the amount of venture capital invested in early-stage businesses annually.

In the US, the median angel investment is just $10,000 still a great deal of money to most people. But a long way from the hundreds of thousands in investment that many people equate with Angel investing. Angel investing may not be considered ‘common but there are enough investors. A small enough average investment, to illustrate that there is nothing elite about it.

Entrepreneurs And Angel Investors

The successful Angel Investment Club is a group of entrepreneurs and angel investors with over 50 years of collective experience. Providing a great platform and on-going mentorship. Entrepreneurs to help them succeed in transforming their vision into a great business.

Every successful entrepreneur has a great mentor.

If you’re not angel investing or investing in startups Right Now, You must not like the idea of big returns in the coming years.

Seriously, though. We believe now is the time to put money to work and bet on the future. Because we all know, things will get better.

You see, there’s been a major shift in the world of Angel Investing space. It’s created HUGE opportunities And given the upper hand back to the investor. For years, it was ridiculously easy for startups to get funding from large venture capital firms. That’s not the case anymore.

COVID-19 Concerns

Things have been shaken up with COVID-19 concerns, startups may find it more difficult to raise cash. Startups are looking to Angel Investors now more than ever for that much-needed funding.

YOU now have the upper hand. They have a strong belief in the founding team and the product the startup is aiming to build. The angel investor can be an individual professional like doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, etc. Usually, they are enthusiastic and thrilled about budding entrepreneurs that might change the way a particular industry or sector operates.

Lastly, they are risk-taking individuals and they demand very little. No control in return for a particular investment in the company.

Thriving Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Angels are private investors who want to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality. And they are a critical component of thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems, providing the necessary financing to help founders get moving. Angel investors can be individuals or groups formed through pools and crowdfunding.

Many entrepreneurs themselves were previously a founder or CEO of their own startup. According to a 2016 report from Harvard Business School.

And yes, they’re tapping into their own funds when they invest. Like VCs, angel investors frequently offer value beyond the investment. The money is one thing, but you’re also getting their expertise, ”Says Club CEO Dominic Berger“

A typical angel investor wants to support a bright young entrepreneur as an investor and a mentor. ABC offers lots of different expertise and advice.

Smart Financial Strategies

Waiting for the “right time” to invest isn’t going to do you any favors. There’s never really any “right time”. It’s easy to find a reason to postpone things. But most financial experts agree that it’s best to start as early as possible. With patience, restraint, and smart financial strategies, you’ll be able to see your investments compound and grow over the years.

Have your first shares In 3 to 5 companies within 24 hours added to your portfolio with the ABC network.

Members also get an email notification with details of each share that you have been allocated for this month. This happens every month. Members can also go to Equity Entitlements to find out the following info on each company.

  • Company
  • Quantity
  • Latest Valuation
  • Purchase Value
  • Total value

Many angel investors come together as a network just like ABC  to connect with each other investors and entrepreneurs. ABC is literally changing the face of the angel investor and changing the stereotypes

Sophisticated Investors or High Net Worth Investors

This happens not only in the UK but worldwide. Angel Investment Networks is one such network that connects UK investors. There is actually a regulatory standard for being an Angel Investor in the UK.

Individuals can self-certify as either Sophisticated Investors or High Net Worth Investors. This is also a box that is needed ticked in the ABC back office. These are determined by the FCA according to the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 ( FSMA ). Here are three ways that impact investors can respond to coronavirus.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak

Angels are telling founders to scrutinize their sales, forecasts, hiring plans, costs, and every other assumption about their business.

Some Angels Will be Slightly More Hesitant

Upheaval can also create opportunities. Changing markets and obstacles create new challenges to solve and ways for startups to scale their companies. Some angels will be slightly more hesitant about dumping millions of dollars into companies. At least for the time being, Because of the COVID-19 crisis.

However, seasoned investors actively working with investment groups have made investing a habit. They are not oblivious to concerns around COVID-19. Nevertheless, they may look for opportunities to enhance their portfolio as more novice investors are sitting on the sidelines

How Angel Investing Works

People who are either at the very beginning of their angel careers. They’ve written two, three, four checks or people who want to be an angel in the future.

They are saying the thing that’s holding them back, Is a lack of a network.

Also understanding the mechanics of how angel investing works. Both how you get access to opportunities, how you build up judgment. And how you serve those entrepreneurs after you invest.

This is where the VC Crowd and be a good fit.

Angel Investing In Europe

In Europe Angel investing has grown significantly. From just a handful of investor networks on the continent in the late 90s. Compare that to a market that today sees more than 450 active communities of angels scattered across the map.

Angel Investors Form a Critical Part of Any Successful Ecosystem

This strong growth is also reflected in the size of the angel market. In terms of investments made annually in early-stage startups. Nearly €7.5B are estimated to be invested each year by European angels. There are approximately forty thousand startups receiving pre-seed, seed, and Series A funding from this category of private investors.

Angel Investment Market In Europe

To put this number into perspective. In 2009 the angel investor market in Europe was estimated to be worth approximately €2.6B. EBAN has been monitoring the angel investment market in Europe since 2004. When they first launched the annual Statistics Compendium publication. Angel investors form a critical part of any successful ecosystem.

So you’ve decided to enter the world of angel investing. Perhaps you find the ABC startup ecosystem fascinating and have accumulated some capital to invest in this growing asset class you can join  VC Crowd for free and find out more inside.

Private Equity Is Where Fortunes Will Be Made

It’s all about what you’re comfortable with. And the private equity market itself is exploding – there are record levels of capital being exchanged. Last year, investors poured $453 billion into private equity. (And that’s all while the number of public companies has been cut in HALF).

Simply put, private equity is where fortunes will be made in the next few years. This is why it's best to be getting in now.  A year passes fairly quickly. Many of the angels were slow to invest in the beginning and have lost out.

Old Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists

If you're still searching for the top “best” startup investing platforms, VC Crowd is one of the best sites for new and old angel investors, venture capitalists.

Whether you're an angel investor seeking to make an investment in the next big startup. The chance to fund the next disruptive start-up is high. The club only invests in one company from any one niche. So with this strategy, it has been doing really well so far. If you're interested in learning more join the club for free to learn more.

The Nature of  The Business Opportunity For Angel Investor

Almost every investor will perform due diligence on the company he or she is investing in before closing the investment.

The extent of due diligence that is appropriate depends on a number of factors. The single over-arching consideration is that the due diligence you conduct must be sufficient. So as to give you reasonable comfort to invest in the company given the nature of the business opportunity. The amount of money you’re investing or capital angel, and how important that money is to you.

The angel business club does this for members. If you want to learn how to invest in stocks even if you're a beginner with little money. Anyone could be starting with ABC as an option and should have a long-term goal. Unless you want to get into day trading.

You Might Be Thinking Why Do Shares Exist In The First Place?

Its to grow, and hopefully boost profits to turn a business into a financial success. Firms offer the angel investor the chance to back them with their own cash. Enter a stock market in return for your cash. A business offers you a share in its future. So you essentially own a tiny slice of that company and become a shareholder.

Now, this slice of the company you own can be traded with anyone who wants to buy it. The biggest benefit is getting shares every month in businesses that have huge potential.

Hope you watched the carefully chosen video at the top, with thanks to VC Crowd 

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Angel Investor Equity Portfolio In 24 Hours

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