Angel Investing Platform For Beginners Made Easy

#1 Angel Investing Platform For Beginners Made Easy

#1 Angel Investing Platform For Beginners

So your interested in the #1 Angel Investing Platform For Beginners, But firstly have you ever heard of Dragons Den?  Dragons Den is a British television program, presented by Evan Davis.

Basically, in the program, there are four Angel Investors, and they invest or don't invest in products that is presented to them from start-up companies that come on the TV show.

Some guests on the show get one or more of the dragons to invest in the product and help them with their business idea.

Most pitches fail and walk out the Den with nothing. The program has been produced by BBC Manchester since its inception and was the first broadcast on BBC two on 4 January 2005.

There is also a USA version called Shark Tank. Angel investors are individuals who seek to invest at the early stages of startups. These types of investments are risky and usually do not represent more than 10% of the angel investor's portfolio.

Most angel investors have excess funds available and are looking for a higher rate of return than those provided by traditional investment opportunities.

Angel investors provide more favorable terms compared to other lenders since they usually invest in the entrepreneur starting the business rather than the viability of the business.

Angel investors are focused on helping startups take their first steps, rather than the possible profit they may get from the business. Essentially, angel investors are the opposite of venture capitalists.

How To Become An Angel Investor

I'm a member of a club that invests in start-up businesses. It's a bit like Dragons' Den meets crowdfunding except that it's designed for ordinary people.

You don't need any special skills or lots of money. We get live updates from the companies the Club has invested in plus free shares every month.

#1 Angel Investing Platform For Beginners

VC Crowd (formally Angel Business Club) is now Democratizing the World of Private Equity and owning shares. They have made angel investing available to anyone in any walk of life for a small monthly fee.

So It’s not all that complicated, you can join VC Crowd below for a free trial to start to have a look around on the site and can watch lots of info recordings webiars.

Angel Investing Platform For Beginners

They have an extensive library as they hold webinars every week for members all recorded for members to watch anytime.

Angel Investing Platform

Then after looking around in the members area. If you like what you see you can then join the monthly subscription minus a small admin fee.

In return, you get your subscription turned into Private Equity and owning shares every month and start building up Private Equity and Shares portfolio.

Normally you get shares in 3 to 5 start-up companies every month. VC Crowd enjoys a good reputation and should be your first choice. They have over 14,000 members.

A Fully Managed Environment.

VC Crowd provides its members with an enjoyable journey of learning about business. The trials and tribulations of growing a company in a fully managed environment. So that's why we think it's the #1 Angel Investing Platform For Beginners.

The Club's advisers provide significant expertise in building and existing businesses. Like Hollywood Films studios is making films the Club aspires to build successful Companies.

The Club with a rigorous active business management team So far has managed to create an incredible mix of businesses today that we believe have every chance to kick on and deliver significant liquidity events for members businesses like just the three examples below.

  1. Skinny Tonic: recently number one, two, and three, selling tonic on Amazon UK.
  2. Smart Trade App: or now Simply pay me a disruptor in the SME payment sector.
  3. The Rockster: a premium dog food brand on the brink of US distribution.

Held With An Independent Custodian

When you join VC Crowd there is no contract, and you can change your subscription level any time you want. You can even take a payment holiday without losing any of your shares as these are held with an independent custodian.

Being a member of the VC Crowd is a fun, exciting and potentially very financially rewarding place to be. So if you want to become an Angel Investor, and you’ll have a better understanding of why being a member of the VC Crowd is a smart move.

Why We Recommend Getting Started In Angel Investing Platform

Want to invest and get in on the ground floor of a great idea? Angel investing with VC Crowd is the way to do it.

VC Crowd provides funding for small startups or entrepreneurs. Members of the club or the “angels” will get an ownership stake in the company for their membership in the club. Members get Private Equity / Shares every month as part of the monthly allocations.

The way it works is the higher your subscription the more shares you get as part of your monthly allocations.

There are a few different levels starting from just £75 per month of it can be in any  Dollars or Euros, members can choose what suits them. They even have a student or under 25s membership from just £25 per month.

VC Crowd aims for a 20% average growth per year but actually achieved 27% annual growth between January 2016 and June 2019.

However, the real objective is to look at the medium to long term potential where small start up businesses can grow into tomorrow's huge success stories, giving spectacular returns. Join The Club Below

Angel Investing Platform For Beginners

Angel investors are also sometimes referred to as “private investors,” “seed investors,” or “angel funders,” but one thing is clear, No matter what you call them, angels can make some serious money in the process.

By joining VC Crowd syndicate, members can also invest sizably less than they would need to as an individual investor.

So, if you're interested in making startup investments, but don't want to gamble as much money, This is how to get a piece of the action at a good entry-level. Members can up or down their monthly subscription level any time they like.

This is great when say one month you want to more shares in a particular company you like or are excited about that members are getting shares in that month.

If you like you can up your subscription level to get more shares in that particular company.

Angel Investing Platform For BeginnersWhat Rate Of Return Do Angel Investors Expect

It is not unusual for angel investors to expect a rate of return that is about 10 times their original investment. Diversification is the key to successful startup investing.

Then you’re going to want to have something like 10-15 investments for your portfolio.

This is exactly what VC Crowd does for its members. In the monthly allocation of shares to the members, we normally get shares in 3 to 5 startup companies.

The club has a page on all the companies with all the details and latest news.

There is also the weekly webinars off course, and we sometimes get the latest updates from the CEOs.

Research shows that angel investors can make more returns when they invest in a greater number of companies.

We recently had one of the most exciting webinars VC Crowd has held so far, and yet they stay so cool and really understate what is happening. What was shared on the webinar proves the potential to deliver truly massive returns for its members.

Just to highlight one company for you that was mentioned in one of our recent webinars… Firescape. (operating as LifeSafe Technologies). They have just had an independent valuation of Firescape and it is now worth £15 million. That's a 400% gain – in less than a month.

This really demonstrates the power of angel investing and getting in early.

This really is a life-saving product and nothing else like it on the market see video below. For those who missed out on getting free Firescape shares last month as part of the monthly allocations, there's some great news.

Members have the option to buy shares in firescape from inside the back office for as little as £0.48p. The only way to get shares at this stage is to be a member of VC Crowd as firescape is not yet public.
However, if you are not a member yet, don't delay. Join, and you'll get shares in more exciting businesses.

Also, with the club, you can actually trade the shares, so there's an internal stock market which is a pretty unique feature.

So if you decided you had shares that you didn't particularly like, or you needed to raise some cash quickly you can sell your shares in the back office.

Inside you've got all the different companies and the shares that you can trade on these there and that's open 24 hours a day seven days a week with zero commission fees.

We absolutely love the angel business club we hope you found this post useful

Are Dragons Den Investors Angel Investors?

The investment style and size of the dragon's den are real angel investing.

Their investment can help a startup company get off the ground. It can also allow it to weather some of the difficulties that come with the early stages of business development.

In this day and age angel investing is becoming more and more popular.

Today, most major public companies owe their start to different angel investors and groups around the world. Shows like dragons den and shark tank have brought the concept into the mainstream.

There are famous examples of private investors and venture capital (VC) firms making a fortune with early-stage companies.

Private investors in Uber, for instance, turned $30,000 into $149 million… $50,000 into $248 million… or even $510,000 into $2.5 billion.

Angel Investing Platform For Beginners

Have a great day, and as always if you have any questions just reach out to us. Just join VCCrowd above and contact us from inside, We are a members just like anyone else.

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