Angel Investing Economics Definition

Angel Investing Economics Definition | Traditional Value Investing Techniques

Angel Investing Economics Definition

Angel investing economics definition An angel investor is someone who backs relatively early-stage startups financially.

The term angel investor is used to describe someone who has the resources and knowledge to invest his money into an early-stage startup.

Angel investors are like a banker and he has the knowledge to research startups to make him invest into an early-stage startup.

The angel investors can be people, organizations, or other financial tools. The term angel investor comes from the Greek Angelos meaning heavenly and investre meaning to bring. Anyone from any walk of life and funds can get started in angel investing here.

Investing Techniques – Angel Investing Economics Definition

Angel investing economics is the use of traditional value investing techniques but with the purpose of generating early-stage investment capital.

Angels can be people or organizations but ideally, they will be both. In a nutshell, the angel investing economics system generates capital from startups by buying shares of the company at a low price and then selling them at a higher price for a profit.

Fundamental Analysis

Angels rely heavily on fundamental analysis to guide them in their trading decisions, which means they do not use the technical analysis techniques, as most technical analysts do.

In regards to Angel Investing Economics Definition, Angel investing economics uses three tools that can help to guide them in their trading decisions, the following are the three tools used by the angel investing economics system:

Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis and Option Calculator.

The first tool, fundamental analysis, uses a method called financial value analysis.

This method looks at the financial statements and records for the company along with its competitors in order to find out the worth of its shares as well as the financial future of the company.


Using this method, angels can get an insight into the strength of a business along with its cash flows, borrowing ability, assets, and liabilities.

Using this tool, angels can get a sense of the value of the company, its cash flows, and any debtors it may have in the future.

The fundamental analysis tool enables angels to quickly locate the fair value of a company and also helps them to determine whether it is undervalued, overvalued, or a little bit of both.

Valued Properly Or Not

It enables angels to quickly locate weak areas of a company and also helps them determine whether the company is valued properly or not. Using this method, angels can easily locate the value of a company as well as its fair value along with the company's cash flows, borrowing ability, assets and liabilities.

The fundamental analysis tool helps angels in locating weak points of a company without needing to do a lot of complicated research.

Evaluate a Company's Stock

Angel Investing Economics DefinitionThe second tool, technical analysis, is largely used by an investor to evaluate a company's stock using price charts, stock market quotes, and other indicators.

Angel Investing Economics Definition, The technical analysis tool helps angels quickly and easily analyze a company's stock charts and generate an intelligent decision in its investing decisions.

Using this method, angels quickly and easily identify the price chart of a company and generate an intelligent decision in its investing decisions.

This tool helps angels quickly identify the strength of a company along with its cash flows, borrowing ability, assets, and liabilities.

Finally, the third tool, option calculator, helps angels easily understand the equity instruments available in a company's options.

The option calculator enables angels to quickly understand the terms of a company's options. This tool enables angels to quickly understand the nature of an option, its value, type, expiry date, strike price and extent of expiry, and the value of the option itself.

Using this tool, angels can easily understand whether a company's options are valuable, expensive, or a bit of both.

Stock Investing & Forex Investing

Angel investing can be done using an online trading account and a stock brokerage account, which we have mentioned in this article.

Angels can also do angel investing using a brokerage account such as Optionsxpress or a Direct Access account.

So, Angels can invest using either a regular brokerage account or a Direct Access account. Both options are available. Let's explore these three investment options.

Online trading account

An online trading account is a brokerage account that helps angels to trade stocks, options, forex, mutual funds, etc.

Angels can invest using this account in a variety of financial instruments such as stock, forex, options, etc. A free quote engine allows angels to quickly find the current market value of a stock, forex, option or mutual fund.

The quote engine highlights several relevant information such as bid and asks prices, high/low prices, trading volume, etc.

The market quotes provide investors with quick and accurate buy/sell offers so that they can easily buy or sell.

Investors can do the trading directly using a “real-time” order or they can do their trading later on when their market value is updated.

Brokerage Account

When an investor has a brokerage account, he/she can trade directly using a “real time” order.

However, investors must remember that no matter what kind of order you enter, it will be executed on the basis of market price as seen on the real time quote.

The market value update takes place every second when the market is open.

So, investors must ensure that they enter the order at the right time otherwise the order will not get executed. The brokerage account must be paid into through a bank account, credit card, net banking account etc.

Stock investing and Forex investing

Angel investing through options and futures can be done through a regular brokerage account or through a Direct Access account.

This can be done using an annual subscription amount. Some brokerage houses may charge a nominal fee for a direct access account.

The monthly fee may vary from brokerage to brokerage. But, the advantage is that the fees are charged on a per month basis, not on an annual basis.

Direct Access Account

So, this reduces financial stress. The advantage of using a Direct Access account is that you can trade directly from your home. All you need is an internet connection, an internet-enabled mobile phone and a PC.

If an angel uses a normal brokerage account, he/she will find it difficult to understand how to access the underlying stocks for forex.

In fact, the trading of forex involves a lot of strategy and mathematical skills.

There is a need to understand some very technical trading techniques. Because a standard brokerage account may not have these types of skills, investors find it difficult to make money trading forex.

Angel Investing Economics Definition is a large topic so hope you find this short article of use in your research.

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