Angel Investing Club

Angel Investing Club | 1st Angel Investment Club For Beginners To Grow An Equity Portfolio

Angel Investing Club

The Angel Business Club was formed to provide everyone and anyone the opportunity to participate in the ownership and growth of private companies with outstanding potential in a fully managed and transparent environment.

What Are The Best Stocks To Buy For Beginners


The Club also aims to identify and investigate startup companies and unlisted stocks. All information data is provided to members.

Members can get stocks in these startups. Every stock chosen will be in line with the criteria and assessment of the founders of the club.

Angel Investing Club – Due Diligence And Research

Angel Bussiness Club works on one main principle, the founders will provide all the due diligence and research of the startups, and club members are provided with the shares as part of the monthly allocations.

The investment will be made according to the criteria specified by the founders. The club will invest in private companies that will give the greatest potential return on investment.

This will be achieved by following the profit plan, which is defined prior to the start of the club investing in the company. This can take months. The investment will be made as per the criteria provided by management.

The club members can pause their membership any time or upgrade or downgrade if you they want to get more shares in a particular company that month. Club members can check in the back office what the monthly allocations are for each membership level.

First-Class Weekly Webinars

The Angel Business Club also provides members with first-class weekly webinars and packed full of updates and business and finance-related info and all webinars are recorded and added to the portal inside for members watch any time.

The members will get a weekly email on a Saturday morning with the week's club and company updates with detailed reports on the companies in members' portfolios.

The club members will get access to the stock trading tool for buying selling shares between members which will help them in buying and selling of the stocks at market price. There is no charge or fee for this.

The best option is to hold on to shares till an exit like an IPO or take over.

In addition, they will also get the report on strengthening activities of the company's. This will help them in selecting potential candidates to help the company on its journey to IPO or exit.

Intelligent Strategy

Angel investing club uses a strategy that involves buying the shares of these startup companies, at a low price and investing at a later stage in the more even stronger company, which will result in good profits and equity price. It is a very intelligent strategy that ensures safety and wealth generation for club members.


How Can I Become An Angel Investor With Little Money?

Once the decision to invest is taken, the members of the club will receive shares as part of the monthly allocations.

You will get shares in that company many times. This amount will be decided on the basis of their membership level and the current price of the stock.  See monthly membership levels in the image.

To get the best out of your investment, the club or companies will decide the best exit and the timeframe for an IPO or exit. They will also decide on the right timing of entry and exit.

They will consider the profit, risk in deciding on the strategy. This will assure everyone a good return on their shares. It is a no-risk strategy that ensures high returns.

Once the strategy is finalized, the club members will be advised on the investment options and final strategy that will be implemented.

Investment Decisions

The most important thing is that club members can be passive participants in investment decisions. This way everyone else involved is focused on making money not on being a caretaker.

Angel Investing Club In the end it's always the decision of the company that will determine the outcome of the trade. If you are a club member then you decide if you sell or keep your equity.

Angel Investing Club

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